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April 7, 2017



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Stardrift Nomads is a dual-stick space shooter with a focus on cooperative play and retro action. Build and upgrade a variety of unique towers to protect your base from vicious pirates and massive asteroids. Customize one of three ship classes to fit your play style, utilizing a slew of upgradable abilities and equipment. Team up with your friends and seize victory with up to eight players!


Frustration at the lack of co-op games that could be played by more than four people and a plague of online friends demanding their attention inspired the Risen Games team to start developing a cooperative dual-stick space shooter. After three months of hard work they had created a working prototype for the game where players faced off against two types of pirates, asteroids of varying size, and a massive boss ship. They presented the prototype, which was dubbed Adrift, at the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games hosted by MIT. Crowds of people watching the game being played and positive feedback from a number of their peers in the Boston indie community encouraged the team to put Adrift on Steam Greenlight and try crowdfunding development via Kickstarter. After 30 days of frantic work reaching out to friends, family, press, and other developers Adrift failed to meet its goal and seemed like it would never be fully realized. After a year-long hiatus on development that saw team members switching professions, moving out of country, and working day-jobs that left something to be desired, an email arrived from Steam in the winter of 2014. Adrift had been Greenlit. It was an event the team had not foreseen, the Steam community wanted this game and it would be a shame to leave it unfinished. Adrift needed a complete overhaul, art was thrown out, code was revamped, and the gameplay was redesigned from the ground up, even the name was changed. Stardrift Nomads was a new and improved dual-stick space shooter featuring 8-player co-op, three fully customizable ship classes, upgradable towers, and a whole slew of enemies, asteroids, and random events for players to survive. Stardrift Nomads is set for launch on April 7th, 2017 on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. After three years of development, the Risen Games team is excited to finally release this game to the public.


  • Crush pirates and asteroids alone or play cooperatively with up to 7 friends.
  • Battle the odds in Survival mode and guide your Colony to safety through wave after wave of adversaries.
  • Complete missions in Campaign mode and follow the story of intrepid nomads braving the drifts of space.
  • 3 customizable ship classes, each with 16 powerful abilities, 12 upgradable equipments, and 4 unique towers.
  • Choose your own strategy, create an ironclad defense with walls and towers or trick out your ship and become an unstoppable force.
  • Put your teamwork to the test and face off against a variety of deadly enemies, hazards, and bosses from the depths of space.


Stardrift Nomads - Release Trailer YouTube

Stardrift Nomads - Official Teaser YouTube


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About Risen Games

Risen Games is a Massachusetts-based independent game studio made up of Adam Pastorello, Ryan LaPlume, Riley Brown, and Nathan Brown. We create retro-inspired Games for PC and Mobile.

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Stardrift Nomads Credits

Adam Pastorello
Programming, Risen Games

Ryan LaPlume
Design, Risen Games

Riley Brown
Art, Risen Games

Nathan Brown
Art, Risen Games

Jay Pastorello
Voices, Freelancer

Donna Pastorello
Additional Art, Freelancer

Shaun Chasin
Music, Freelancer

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