June 26th, 2017

Steam Summer Sale and Nebulous Update

Hello Everyone!

As you may or may not know, the Steam Summer Sale is happening right now, and like all its peers Stardrift Nomads is on sale. As it’s our first discount, we’re doing 25% off for the duration of the Summer Sale.

In other news, we just released our first content update for Stardrift Nomads, the Nebulous Update. It includes a number of more deadly enemies, a new game mode, the Behemoth boss, and a new set of skins to beautify your ships with.

The ten enemy types in Stardrift Nomads increase in difficulty using a threat-level system with three tiers of danger.

In the Nebulous update we are adding a fourth tier for each enemy type which is a super-deadly version of that particular ship class. These tier four enemies are essentially minibosses and come with special abilities that allow them to go toe to toe with players and really spread panic among even the most hardened teams of nomads. Below we will showcase each new ship and talk a little bit about what each one can do.

Scouts are generally the fodder of any pirate fleet and as such carry lighter weapons and armor than their larger counterparts, but no more. The tier 4 Scout comes equipped with a twin-linked laser cannon, heat-seeking missiles, and the ability to call in wingmen, essentially tripling their firepower for a short time.

Raiders are some of the most dangerous ships in any swarm, they come packing high-damage laser shotguns and moderate armor which makes them hard to engage at close range. The tier 4 version is even scarier with a shotgun that fires more projectiles in a wider arc and the ability to launch a barrage of missiles that can lay waste to any turrets and pilots that get in their way.

Tankers are exactly what they sound like, an indomitable chunk of metal with engines strapped onto the back, able to take the worst salvos right to the face and walk out without much more than a scratch. Tankers come with a weak weapon, but their thick armor and shield generators more than make up for this shortcoming. The tier 4 Tanker has increased armor and a shield generator with a shorter cooldown, but the real danger is their laser reflective coating which will repel any projectile that hits it. The ship still takes damage, but you see how easy it is to destroy something with every shot you fire coming right back at you.

The Bomber functions as a long-range artillery platform that picks away at the colony from afar, launching crackling laser bombs over large distances. This tier 4 ship no longer needs to take the time to deploy before firing its main weapon, add that to its orbiting shield wall and powerful push ability that can blast pilots across the map and you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

Carriers aren’t much for fighting. Lacking weapons and having both slow engines and weak armor doesn’t make for much of a threat, but being able to deploy and endless cloud of fighter drones armed with quick-firing laser cannons more than makes up for it. Tier 4 Carriers can instantaneously deploy new drones as the old ones are destroyed and each fighter comes equipped with a piercing plasma blast that can penetrate multiple targets in a line. In addition the Carrier is able to deploy a personal force field that deflects enemy projectiles for a short time, essentially making it invulnerable.

Rammers are basically just slabs of metal with a cockpit and powerful engines attached to the back. They fly at high speed and smash through anything that gets in their way, to devastating effect. The tier 4 model trades its standard layered metal shield for a set of circular saws which deal massive damage as they tear through obstacles in the rammers path. The new rammer also comes equipped with flamethrowers that leave behind a trail of fiery destruction wherever it flies.

Hunters are the unseen danger in all pirate fleets, lurking in darkness and waiting to strike at the most opportune moment. The tier 4 Hunter is now equipped with a teleporter which allows it to blink into and out of combat at will. The second you think you have one cornered it will disappear and activate its stealth ability, only to reappear behind you with guns blazing.

Flagships lead the biggest swarms of pirates into battle, granting them overshields to soak up any enemy fire. Tier 4 Flagships grant their teammates huge shields and are able to heal any damage that is done to ships in an area around them. Pirates following a tier 4 Flagship are granted increased speed and firepower making them a tide turner in any battle.

The Disabler is tasked with stunning enemies so other pirates can move in and destroy them while helpless. The tier 4 Disabler trades this ability in for a weapon that is able to scramble the controls of targets causing them to fly haphazardly into the pirate fleet. With their controls gone haywire and a rain of laser coming down on them from all directions the Disabler’s prey doesn’t stand much chance.

Rocketeers launch deadly volleys of missiles at both players and turrets around the colony, dealing massive damage and knocking out even the toughest defenses. Tier 4 Rocketeers are equipped with missiles that leave behind a cloud of damaging radiation for a short time and a nanite sprayer that deals moderate damage and scrambles the controls of any pilots who wander too close.

Stockpile is the new mode in Stardrift Nomads where the players’ colony has been disabled and must harvest energy from the surrounding area to repair itself. Players will face off against waves of pirates to capture plasma-harvesting pylons and repair their ship before the pirates overwhelm and destroy them.

It all starts with a pioneer pod. These nomads launch from the colony and fly to an energy-rich area where they can build their Pylon and begin harvesting plasma.

Once built, they will beam energy back to the colony over time for as long as the Pylon remains operational.

At the same time, pirates will try to assault these harvest points and claim them as their own. If pirates are able to destroy a pylon they will erect their own defenses around it and brutally attack any players that come too close.

The only way to emerge victorious is to construct your own defenses and closely guard each pylon until your energy meter fills and you are able to warp to a safe distance.

And finally we have added a new boss to test all you intrepid nomads out there, the Behemoth. The Behemoth isn’t complicated, it’s a massive drill, it’s heading towards your base, and if it hits it you lose. Focus your firepower and destroy this beast at all costs if you see it heading your way, but it won’t be an easy fight.

The Behemoth comes with layer after layer of ultra-thick armor and is armed to the teeth with repeating laser cannons, huge missile batteries, stun bombs, and even a black hole generator. Rev up the afterburners because this one is gonna be tough!

Get out there and play the new update everyone who already has the game, and for anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the Summer Sale discount and pick it up today!

Thank you so much for reading, we’ll let you go in a second, but first a word from our partner:

June 16th, 2017

Stardrift giveaway and development update!

Hello Everyone!
We wanted to take a few minutes to update you on everything we have going on right now in development of Stardrift Nomads. But first:

We’re doing a giveaway of Stardrift Nomads through IndieDB on Sunday, June 18th, so if you’ve been eyeing the game but haven’t committed to buying it this is your chance to get it for free! If you haven’t heard of the game before you should check it out, it’s pretty cool. Space pirates, asteroids, talking dogs, and many many lasers, plenty to get the heart pumping at a good rate. Check it out! http://www.indiedb.com/giveaways/stardrift-nomads

Lately we’ve been doing a ton of work on our soon-to-be-released update along with fixing some issues that have been reported to us by the community. Prepare for challenges ahead, because we are adding a miniboss version of each enemy class to the game.

Each miniboss is essentially a more deadly version of the base class with increased health, more damaging weapons, improved AI, and even special abilities that will allow them to wreak havoc upon your base.

We are also adding a new game mode which focuses on capturing points outside the base and building holding them to produce energy for the colony.

Every pylon you hold increases your energy production and hastens your victory over the pirates, but they will be fighting hard to take the pylons from you so be ready!

For anyone who is collecting skins or selling them on the marketplace we will be releasing a new crate with thirteen new paintjobs for you to find!

And finally we are pleased to introduce you to the Behemoth, the newest addition to our cast of deadly bosses.

Better build those walls thick, because this thing will be hard to stop!

Let us know what you think and make sure you join the giveaway, good luck everyone!

P.S. To whom it may concern, Stardrift Nomads is on Linux now! The game supports cross-platform multiplayer so make friends with someone who runs Linux and blast some pirates together.

April 8th, 2017

Stardrift Nomads is Released!

The day has finally come, Stardrift Nomads has launched on Steam! We are massively excited about this day and can't wait to hear what people think about the game. In celebration of the release, we have a new trailer and a load of new screenshots to share.

The last few months have been a flurry of polish and finalizing all the various moving pieces in Stardrift Nomads. Campaign mode was tested relentlessly, textures and particles were updated, net code was smoothed out, and everything has been hit over and over with the optimization stick. Here are some screenshots showing off the final project, we hope you enjoy them.

If you like lasers, spaceships, explosions, and talking dogs you should check Stardrift Nomads out. The game is currently available on Steam, and we will be releasing through other platforms in the near future.

Thanks everyone for reading! We'll see you out in the stars...

March 26th, 2017

Stardrift Nomads Developer Livestream

Hey Everyone,

With the impending release we've had our noses to the grindstone finishing up the final tweaks and polishes on the game. We know that we've been pretty quiet in the last two weeks, so last night we ran a livestream with all of us at Risen Games playing Stardrift Nomads to show off some of the new stuff we've been working on. Check out the video on our Twitch channel, or watch below.

In this video, five of us go through one of the scripted Campaign levels and set the high score to beat in Endless Survival on the hardest difficulty. You will also see the new weapons that change in appearance as they level up, a new boss model or two, and our little buddy Stilts, who is of the canine persuasion...

We'll be pushing hard until the end, but stay tuned for more updates. Less than one week to go until release!

Thanks for watching!

February 27th, 2017

Stardrift Nomads - Official Teaser!

It's been three years since we first created the prototype for Stardrift Nomads which we called "Adrift". Since then, we have completely revamped the visual style, design, and features that the game offers. Stardrift has finally reached a state where we feel it can be shown to the public. Below is the first trailer that we have created for this game since the overhaul.

Thanks for watching! Keep your eyes open for the upcoming release and the launch of our Steam page in the next few weeks.

February 22nd, 2017

Stardrift Fiction #3: Hazards of the Void

Welcome again to Stardrift Fiction! In this episode we'll talk about all of the hazards you will face in Stardrift Nomads. The more you know, the safer you'll be!


“What’s so dangerous out there in space that would require all this gear?” you might be asking yourself. Well space is filled with all kinds of hazards, and not all can be avoided with the same strategy. Some require a simple volley of lasers, while others need a little more finesse, and there is the occasional threat that should be avoided entirely.

Hazard is a catch-all term that refers to anything that has the potential to harm the Colony. These hazards can range in threat level ranging from small space rocks that might knock out a relay antenna to entire swarms of pirates with no other goal than to destroy this colony and take our scrap for themselves.

These rocks endlessly fly through space, flung this way and that by various gravity wells and celestial bodies. Generally they are not a threat to us, but more than once an unwary pilot has been crushed to spacedust by a rogue asteroid. Few are large enough to deal catastrophic damage to the Colony, although even the smallest rock can be more than an annoyance, but every repair we have to make is just more scrap gone.

Asteroids come in several flavors, rocky, molten, icy, and radioactive. Rocky asteroids are the least threatening, they simply cause damage by colliding with something. Molten asteroids, when destroyed either through collision or by a dose of laser, will split into several smaller rocks and continue upon different paths. Icy asteroids do much less damage if they ram something, but will completely coat their victim in ice, disabling many vital systems until the ice is cleared. Radioactive asteroids are highly volatile and upon destruction will explode in a cloud of radiation that damages all machinery caught within.

Drifters gone bad Pirates will stop at nothing for a little scrap, even if it means vaporizing someone else to get it.

Pirates travel in large fleets centered around one massive flagship which sends out tentacles of scouts in all directions looking for scrap. If a scout stumbles upon a lode of scrap the rest will descend upon that location, if you see one pirate you can only assume many more are on the way. Pirates fly many different classes of ship which range in size from small fighters with a sole pilot to hulking capital ships with hundreds onboard. Each class is tiered by hazard level, those at the lowest tier are rusting antiques and the ships at the top are some of the deadliest in space.

The only way to escape a band of pirates is to fight your way out. So when the klaxon sounds that a pirate has been sighted, prepare to scramble!

Other Threats
Space is unpredictable, and almost anything can emerge from the darkness. We’ve sighted sector wide electric storms, colonist ships that were completely empty, and even wormholes leading to warp knows where.

Just remember, be ready for anything. It’s a huge, beautiful world out there, let’s explore it.
- Stilts, Watchdog of the colony Driftstar

Thanks for reading! Watch closely for the new trailer for Stardrift Nomads...

February 11th, 2017

Stardrift Fiction #2: Your Very Own Ship!

Welcome to another installment of Stardrift Fiction! In this episode we'll talk about the playable classes in Stardrift Nomads and what each one brings to the table.

One of the perks of living on the Colony is getting your very own spaceship! You can use this however you like, crack some asteroids and earn a little scrap, fly out and see the event horizon of a black hole, or just cruise around and look cool. Of course, with a great spaceship comes great responsibility. The constant threat of pirates and various other space-borne hazards means that you’ll be on rotation for Colony defense, if you’re on call when the klaxons sound you better be ready to suit up and kick some tail Nomad!

We currently offer three models, each with their own unique abilities and interchangeable sets of equipment. For now let’s get you up to speed on the base models of each and you can take your time later tricking out your favorite ship and giving it a sweet paint job.


The Ace
This ship is built to fight pirates and is capable of single-handedly destroying large groups of enemies with an array of AOE and damage mitigation abilities. With twin-mounted weapon ports, heavy armor, and a wealth of offensive abilities to choose from the Ace is perfect for blasting other ships into sizzling clouds of scrap. The standard package includes laser cannons, modest cargo bay, decent armor plating, and mid-range engines, nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

In addition, pilots are able to activate several abilities to increase the effectiveness of the Ace in combat. One example is a munitions overload ability which dramatically increases the fire rate of the weapons for a short period of time.

Strengths: high ship damage, high damage absorption, many AOE abilities
Weaknesses: low asteroid damage, low speed


The Mechanic
Engineered for construction in zero gravity, this ship is a master of towers. Able to build towers with a wide range of abilities and having access to gear which reduces construction costs, the Mechanic is the ship for defensive-minded Nomads. The standard ship is outfitted with a single laser cannon, small cargo bay, light armor, and weak engines, but the abilities and towers this ship has access to more than make up for any deficiencies.

Many of the abilities the Mechanic has access to allows pilots to deflect enemy attacks or defend their allies. One such ability allows the Mechanic to slash enemies and asteroids with its large construction claw inflicting heavy damage and sending them careening in the other direction.

Strengths: diverse tower selection, AOE healing, can build powerful temporary towers
Weaknesses: low damage, few damage abilities


The Scavenger
Fast and light with a large cargo hold, this ship is the ultimate in scrap harvesting technology, with strong anti-asteroid abilities and a focus on economy you’ll never want for cash with a Scavenger around. The stock ship includes a mining laser, large cargo bay, light armor, and powerful engines, everything you need to get the scrap flowing back to the colony.

The abilities this ship offers focus mainly on survivability and enemy disruption. One example is the magnetic mine which the Scavenger can leave behind when escaping. It will follow the nearest pirate until it makes contact and explodes, dealing massive damage and disabling ships in the immediate area.

Strengths: high speed, economy focused, disruptive abilities
Weaknesses: low range weapons, low ship damage


The Escape Pod
This can either be your salvation or your coffin. If your ship happens to get destroyed in the course of the day you can launch the Escape Pod and avoid your cremation. It doesn’t really do much except fly around, basically the purpose of this ship is to get you back to the base in one piece. Once there you’ll be able to get a new ship, but these things aren’t free! You’ll either have to pay for a new ship with money earned from selling scrap or wait until the hangar master feels bad for you and waives the fee.

Strengths: you’re not spacedust right now
Weaknesses: you can’t really do much in this ship, except wait for rescue


The backbone of any successful defense, every ship has access to three different towers which complement their role on the battlefield. Each tower can be upgraded once it is built, upgrading will increase damage, fire rate, armor, etc. based on the focus of that particular tower. The mine tower, for example, can deploy a larger minefield with more powerful mines as it is upgraded.

Towers can only be upgraded twice but each increase will hurt your wallet, should a tower be destroyed on your watch you’re out of luck. There are no refunds for broken gear, so take care to defend your towers well once they are upgraded!

Thanks for reading! Next up we'll get into the various threats from the deep that you'll be put up against in Stardrift Nomads.

February 8th, 2017

Stardrift Fiction #1: Welcome to the Colony!

Hello Everyone! Stardrift Fiction is a series in which we explore the lives of the intrepid space nomads from the game: Stardrift Nomads. With the release of the game getting closer, we wanted to take a moment and familiarize everyone with what life on a Drifter Colony is like. So without further ado, here is Stardrift Fiction #1:

Greetings fellow Nomad and welcome to the Drifter Colony. It matters not what brings you here or where you come from, a thirst for adventure and the tenacity to push through any hardship is all that is required to be one of us. You will face all manner of hazards, from vicious pirates to ravenous black holes and all manner of horrors in between. Do not expect fame nor glory nor riches, you will simply exist. What you will receive is freedom, and freedom is everything.

Anyways enough of that heavy stuff! Welcome aboard my new friend, discovery and wonder await in the frontiers of space! Let’s get you familiarized with life on the Colony.

The Colony is everything to us, without it we couldn’t survive out here on the edge of civilization. It provides all the comforts of home, food, air, heat, but most importantly, protection from the vacuum of space. If the Colony dies, so do we, simple as that. You’ll be provided with your very own gravity-controlled hab unit complete with UV shower, stasis hammock, and a very adorable kitchenette. It’s a little cramped, but all the more reason to socialize with your fellow Nomads in the ballcourts or cantina, ancient terran trivia night is on Thursdays!

In order to keep all the vital systems of the Colony running we require a constant supply of energy, produced by feeding a material that we call Scrap to the plasma boilers in the belly of the ship. Our pilots are constantly on the prowl for fresh lodes of Scrap, harvesting from anything they find floating around in space. Asteroids, enemy ships, and hulking wrecks from the deepest voids all hold components and minerals that can be scrapped and recycled into energy. One of your primary jobs on this ship will be to harvest Scrap and return it to our holds for processing. In return you’ll be given credits that can be exchanged for any good or service offered on the ship. Get an octopod massage at the spa, overcharge your weapons for a little extra firepower, or even acquire artisanal jams made with otherworldly fruits grown in the greenhouses.

Every Colony is guarded by a Watchdog, a genetically modified canine bionically linked to the sensors. Even the faintest ripple in space-time is obvious to a Watchdog, who will sniff out any threats to the Colony and try to steer the ship to safety. If an unavoidable hazard is detected, all available pilots are scrambled to neutralize it before any damage can be done. When you’re out there on your own the Watchdog is your link to the Colony and since you are part of her pack, she will always bring you back safely.

Thanks for reading everyone, tune in next time to read about the ships you'll have access to in Stardrift Nomads!

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